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Top-Notch Residential and Commercial Cleaning 

Our Services

Standard Cleaning

Our standard cleaning services involves sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning counter/tabletops, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning toilet and bathrooms, exterior parts of the fridge, dishwasher, microwave and cabinets. 

Deep Cleaning

Thorough and deeper level of grime and dirt removal on all surfaces,  dust and detail furniture, equipment and ancillary; We clean and sanitize kitchen appliances, washroom counter-tops and dispensers and common areas. We remove waste and deep clean carpets/hard flooring.

Move-In/Out Cleaning
Gets you move-in/out ready with a full deep cleaning covering walls, cabinets and areas have never been cleaned .

After-Event Cleaning

A full clean up after an event or party: cleaning dishes, living space, and taking out the trash are often included.

Public Health Hygiene

Maintain hygienic  public spaces including parks and toilets and ensure sanitary conditions for public users.

Post-Construction Cleaning

We provide thorough and deep cleaning of new homes or offices covering ceiling, walls, floors, window panes, stairways, counter-tops, cabinets, closets and drawers of bedrooms, living room, lobby, bathrooms and toilets, laundry, dining, kitchen, den, garage including lighting and fans to get rid of all construction dusts and saw dusts, footprint and finger marks. The kitchen sinks and the toilet bowls, bathtubs, and sinks get thorough washing and disinfection with our safe and eco-friendly detergents. We also peel off packaging and tags and provide thorough cleaning of new windows and entrances including furniture and other equipment - fridge, oven, microwave, freezer, washer and dryer –to ensure they are clean and ready for use.

Industries We Serve

Auto Industry and Fleets

From extremely tough grimes under the hood to expensive leather seats, our experts clean and degrease using a special line of 100% eco-friendly bio cleaning products to put our clients one step ahead.

Sports, Gym and Education

 Cleanliness is more than the sport, gym and learning institutions looking good. We remove damp, humid conditions that create ideal breeding ground for lots of bacteria, sweaty odor, and other nasty things to increase health of your clients.

Food Service and Hospitality

In the restaurant and hospitality industry, one of the biggest things that can smudge a squeaky reputation is a filthy work environment. Our experts tackle every challenge to properly clean and disinfect bacteria ridden surfaces using 100% eco-friendly products to prevent hazardous organisms from food.

Food Processing

Cleanliness is crucial to food processing. Bacteria and odour build-up is always a concern. Our experts use safe food processing cleaners and degreasers that are focused on the lower end of the carbon chain to clean food grease, plant particles, and grime associated with food processing.

Healthcare and Personal Care Homes

Keeping healthcare facilities and personal homecare for seniors sparkling clean, healthy and hygienic condition is upmost for the care and safety of a community. We use special eco-friendly cleaners and disinfectants for hospitals, senior housing, and other medical facilities to address the imminent concern of spreading hospital acquired infections (HIA) and bacteria and protect patients and healthcare workers alike.

Manufacturing and Industrial 

In manufacturing, efficiency is crucial. Every minute wasted can result in lost revenue. Our environmentally safe cleaners and degreasers are safe on machinery and fittings and ensure fewer breakdowns and create longer machines life. The ingredients in our line of products allow the biomolecular-cleaning agents to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter without damaging machinery.

Aviation Industry 

Our experts use superior green cleaning products that satisfy aviation’s competitive environment. Our products are hypoallergenic and odorless suitable for airline passengers and employees and address the constantly rising demand by airports for environmentally safe cleaning chemicals to avoid run off and disposal problems.


The environmental impact of products used to clean ships is crucial for the cleanliness of oceans and waterways. Our experts use of 100% eco-friendly products to clean and degrease ship and boats, docks, and marine buildings are completely biodegradable and sustainable with perfect ratings of zero for the Material Safety Data Sheet. 

Oil and Gas 

In the oil and gas industry, everything is large scale and requires precise and accurate cleaning to eliminate chances of large expense because of poor cleaning. Keeping equipment, tanks, pipes and vehicles clean is essential to profitability. Our experts use appropriate product line of cleaners and degreasers designed to protect machinery, equipment, gaskets, and seals.

Construction and Mining

Our expertise and professional environmentally safe cleaners and degreasers protect machinery and fittings, reduce frequent breakdowns, ensure longer machine life and increase profits. The ingredients in in our biomolecular cleaning and degreasers penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter without damaging machinery.