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BioClean & Hygiene Services
Just clean it right!

About Us 

BioClean & Hygiene Services provides eco-friendly and intensive cleaning and hygiene solutions to homes and offices. Our staff have thorough training ​to match with our high standards of cleaning services without compromising your health and indoor air quality of your home or office.

In our bio-cleaning and hygiene services, we use products that are 100% eco-friendly with zero ratings of health, fire, and reactivity and are certified by Environmental Choice EcoLogo and Green Seal. We do not bring to your home or office the traditional chemicals and fragrances with smell and toxic brew of polluted indoor air with side effects of headache, watery eye, allergic reaction, and respiratory tract infection.

We ensure that you do not have to pay a premium to live or work in a sparkling clean, hygienic, healthy and ecofriendly indoor environment any more. Our premier services guarantee a great value for your money. We will work within your schedule with all our services tailored to meet your needs. We offer a one-time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly option. Call us for a free quote!

Mission Statement

To provide a sparkling, hygienic, eco-friendly and affordable cleaning and janitorial services for healthy homes and work places every where and every time.

Vision Statement

The World's best environmentally safe cleaning and hygiene service provider.

Client Trust and Commitment


All supplies including professional tools and safety protection equipment are included.

Unbeatable Flexibility

We work within your schedule, preferences and budget with all our services tailored to meet your needs.

Fully Bonded

We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed to protect our staff and our clients property in case of damage.

No Hidden Fees

We do not have any hidden surprises except tax. You pay what we agree on.

Why We Are Different

With a promise to provide you with quality services, we prioritize our clients’ needs. If you have any concerns or recommendations, please let us know and we will assist you accordingly.


We are professionals in cleaning and customer service with many years of experience in getting things done fast, efficiently and properly.


Our services are simply best for the environment with processes to minimize use of energy and water and recycle waste without compromising quality. 


Our high quality cleaning services apply proven processes, regular inspections and communication for excellence and exceptional customer service.


Our trained professional cleaners not only complete the cleaning process efficiently and effectively but also are able to finish the job in a fraction of the time.


Our cleaning processes and products do not wear out surfaces over time or diminish the longevity of your facility and your furnishings. No particulates, harmful emissions or exposure to caustic agents.

Background Check

We thoroughly check our entire candidate's past mistakes, character, and fitness to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security of our existing staff and our clients’ staff and property.

No Contracts

Hiring a lawyer, drafting, and negotiating a written contract takes money and time that our clients may be unwilling to spare. We only sign where and when necessary.